Northern Ireland regulator highlights impact of stalled assembly in work plan

The pan-utility regulator for Northern Ireland has highlighted the detrimental impact and uncertainty of the region’s stalled assembly and Brexit on its work in its forward work plan for 2018-19 recently published for consultation.

Under “key external developments” the regulator said: “The absence of the NI Assembly has delayed the development of any new or revised policy for energy and water matters. The re-establishment of the NI Assembly is critical to enabling the strategic impetus necessary in sectors such as energy and we look forward to working with a restored administration. And on Brexit it said: “While negotiations between the UK and the EU have begun on the terms of the departure, there remains much uncertainty.”

Utility Regulator for Northern Ireland offered three strategic objectives in the plan: Promoting efficient and effective monopolies; to promote efficient and competitive markets; and protecting the long-term interests of business and domestic consumers.

Work specific to water included advance work on PC21 water price control approach and information requirements and to develop plans for the efficient delivery of a sustainable water services over the period 2021 to 2027 within the context of a long term strategy.