Welsh Water warns landlords to avoid bill liability when tenants move on

Welsh Water is urging its landlords it serves to let the water firm know of changes in tenancy within 21 days or risk being liable for water and sewerage charges under new legislation introduced by the Welsh government.

The rule change means landlords h whose properties are supplied water in Wales need to keep their tenants’ details up-to-date with them or face face having to pick up their charges.

Welsh Water estimates that in 15% of instances of non-payment aside because the customers have left the property but remain registered for charges.


Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water, has issued the warning as part of a campaign to raise awareness of the change, brought in by the Welsh government.

The Welsh Government estimates that there are some 100,000 private landlords in Wales, along with 60+ Residential Social Landlords. Welsh Water estimates it serves more than 350,000 rental properties

Welsh Water is urging landlords use its online system, Landlord TAP, to let alert the company of tenancy changes.