2016 EU bathing water performance

The European Environment Agency has reported bathing water quality data for 2016. Among the headlines are:

  • 96.5% of the UK’s 631 bathing waters were of at least sufficient quality, with 65% achieving excellent status. 3.2% were found to be of poor quality (the remaining 0.3% could not be classified robustly).

  • In terms of poor quality waters, the UK was one of three countries with the highest

rates (the other two being Ireland and Slovakia).

  • Across Europe, more than 21,000 bathing waters reported their status. 96.3% met the minimum standards demanded by the Bathing Water Directive, with 85% attaining excellent status (up from 78% in 2011). Five countries – Luxembourg, Cyprus, Malta, Greece and Austria– achieved 95%+ excellent status.