Company comparison data leads to new discovery dashboard

Phase 2 of the water sector’s strategic dashboard launched this afternoon. Company-to-company comparison data was added to Discover Water, which went live in July, offering customers and any other interested parties simple data at an aggregate England and Wales sector level on around 60 metrics. These are grouped under the headings of: water quality, environmental performance, customer satisfaction, pricing, water to tap (supply) and sink-to-sea (wastewater).

The website is the first of its kind in Europe. It aggregates information held by stakeholders across the sector to make key aspects of the industry’s work and performance more easily accessible. Water UK chief executive Michael Roberts flagged up the potential benefits for customer engagement: “This simple tool combines for the first time unbiased industry-level and company-by-company information on the issues that customers say matter to them. We hope it leads to more people getting involved in how their water and sewerage services are run.”

Discover Water is a collaborative project. Led and funded by water companies, it has been delivered by an independent third party and overseen by a sector-wide group, including the sector’s regulators and consumer watchdog.