WICS presses on with level playing field amendments

The Water Industry Commission for Scotland has proposed a number of amendments to non household retail market arrangements north of the border, which are designed to ensure the continuation of a level playing field for all licensed providers.

In a consultation published on Friday and which is open until 20 June, the regulator moots two main areas of change:

  • Standard licence conditions for all licensees: cross subsidisation between licensees in the Scottish market and related undertakings in the market in England and Wales are to be restricted, and licensed providers will be asked to make an annual declaration on level playing field compliance.

  • Special provisions for Business Stream: the requirement for the incumbent retailer to publish details of charging agreements with customers within 40 business days will be removed when Business Stream’s market share falls below 50%. In addition, its rate of return requirements will be made less prescriptive.

WICS’ actions follow its publication of an open letter on these issues in November 2015.

Separately WICS is consulting on revisions to its vacant site incentive scheme, which encourages suppliers to bring occupied but registered-as-vacant sites into the system.