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Retail market briefing


Welcome to THE WATER REPORT's monthly newsletter covering the competitive markets in UK water.

We have produced a valuable resource for prospective players in the new market. Through our renowned reporting and analysis we will provide clear and informed coverage of the pace and direction of progress in water market reform. 


Retail Market Briefing will also provide reports and commenary on the upstream and household retail markets as they too emerge.

Click on the logo next to the issue you want to view. 

October briefing

  • Legacy suppliers are failing to cease billing.

  • Self-supply pipeline is growing.

  • South East Water applies to exit to its national subsidiary.

  • Customer price gripes provide lessons for water retailer

  • MOSL chief unveils plans for reporting customers switching.

September briefing

  • MOSL posts first switching tally and lays out autumn plans.

  • View from the middle.

  • Poll vaults.

  • Wave on.

  • New MOSL chief lays out autumn plans.

June briefing

  • Third party wholesale services

  • Castle Water bags Cobalt

  • Multi marches on

  • Ofwat PR19 will be tough

  • Code Panel in place

  • Insurer says up game in water management 

  • Affinity sets sights on South East

  • New MOSL chief

February briefing

  • Ofwat seeks to beef up TPI powers

  • MOSL role will go beyond technical

  • Yorkshire business retail arm in a twist

  • Consumer experience to be “acid test”

  • Crown to reveal public sector shortlist

  • Brewer gets first round of self-supply

  • Licence applications keep on coming

April briefing

  • Ofwat watches over market

  • Lessons learned from market opening?

  • Giant merger awaits watchdog OK

  • Public procurement winners 

  • Customer protection update

  • Second self supplier with Waterscan

  • Scots draw up code of practice

December briefing

  • England to get online retailer directory

  • Interview with SES Business

  • WSSL update

  • Severn Trent customers in Wales to miss out 

  • Pennon ventures forth

  • Severn Trent's bid for Dee Valley

October briefing

  • Shadow market – what how and why

  • Interview with Water Plus chief

  • Yorkshire Water's retail move goes full circle.

  • TPI code of practice

  • Business retail credit terms

  • Household retail competition: Ofwat pushes for swift decision

July/August briefing

  • Wholesalers and retailers mull new associations 

  • Billing bother

  • Could there be more to switching?

  • Ofwat and WICS set out price review stalls

  • Ofwat chief quits

  • Verastar picks up Aimera 

May briefing

  • Guidance in water for TPIs

  • Value vs price

  • Time for retailers to clean up?

  • On the move

  • Water UK plans service audit

  • Scottish customer forum 

  • People on the move

  • New owner for Affinity Water

January briefing

  • Price caps for business retail finalised

  • Mass exit by incumbents

  • Waterscan launches self-supply offering

  • Business stream teams up with Utilitywise

  • Low awareness prompts national ad campaign

  • People moves

November briefing

  • New entrants face higher barrriers to entry

  • WSSL fees to be market share based

  • Only one in ten businesses aware of market

  • Which household market is likely?

  • Where will the leakage go?

September briefing

  • Transition plan - switching on the new market

  • Amber / red rating from Independent review of Open Water 

  • Workshop flags water quality and high volume switching as potential pitfalls.

  • Wholesale charging regime 

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