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  • by Karma Loveday

WRSE consultation includes a usage target for the South East

A regional per capita consumption target which includes non-household water use features as one of a number of regional policies Water Resources South East (WRSE) is consulting on, to form the planning assumptions for its regional plan.

Other policies, available for consultation until 7 September, included:

• best value based policies – considering cost alongside social and environmental benefits and stakeholder preferences – to include consideration of social and public value for infrastructure shared with other regions;

• a common level of service for all customers in the South East for Temporary Use Bans;

• commitment to deliver a “progressive level of environmental protection, enhancement and adaptation”;

• net zero operational carbon emissions by 2030 and development of an approach based on best practice for capital and operational carbon beyond 2030;

• halve leakage by 2050 and take a best value approach to subsequent reductions; and

• 1:500 level of drought resilience, and use of drought orders/permits only if they don’t “unnecessarily harm the environment”.

WRSE has also published 16 method statements setting out the technical methodologies, processes and procedures that it will use to develop the regional plan, for consultation until 31 October. It has also published a response to its June Resilience Framework consultation.


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