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  • by Karma Loveday

Wessex and Portsmouth attract the fewest complaints

Wessex Water and Portsmouth Water were the best performers in CCW’s annual household written complaints report for 2021-22.

Wessex attracted just 9.6 complaints per 10,000 connections, a massive 32% fall on its 2019-20 score, and comparing very well to the industry average of 17.5 complaints per 10,000 connections. CCW also rated Wessex "better than average’"on complaint handling. Welsh Water and Hafren Dyfrdwy also performed well.

Thames Water performed the worst of the WASCs with 68.1 complaints per 10,000 connections. Southern was second bottom with 44.8. CCW said both were also "poor’"on complaints handling.

Portsmouth led the WOCs and put in the best overall performance with a score of 9.4 per 10,000 connections, a fall of 13% on 2019-20 – though CCW rated it "worse than average" on complaint handling. Essex and Suffolk was the poorest performing WOC, with 36.3 – however CCW said its complaint handling was "better than average".

Industry level, complaint numbers were pretty stable at 93,668, though complaints escalated to CCW fell by 13% to 6,128.

Bills remained the biggest cause of complaint, though complaints about wastewater services swelled by a quarter.


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