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  • by Karma Loveday

Waterwise seeks supporters for its new Dry July campaign

Waterwise is seeking sponsors for a new Dry July campaign, which aims to boost public and political awareness of the need to use water wisely in hot weather to avoid restrictions and protect the environment – and crucially to support people to make behavioural changes.

The campaign will run 17-28 July and feature four themes: staying cool, toilet flushing, gardening, and outdoor leisure.

Association with the campaign offers the opportunity to contribute to the public engagement effort on reducing water waste, as well as to raise your organisation’s profile as a thought leader in this space and particularly among Waterwise’s diverse water efficiency community.

Waterwise’s Water Saving Week campaign which ran in May reached 3.6m people, including many businesses (see graphic).

To support the Dry July drive, contact Stav Melides.


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