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  • by Karma Loveday

WaterAid to launch collective action initiative

To mark World Water Day on Wednesday, WaterAid will launch a new fundraising initiative designed to bring the whole water industry together for collective action.

Mission: Water has the strapline: One industry. One week. One mission. Water company teams from across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland fundraise flexibly, through any means they want, in the week of 5-11 June, with the ultimate goal of raising £50,000 support to WaterAid’s mission to reach everyone, everywhere with clean water and situation.

Companies will compete against each other, with key principles of the initiative including inclusivity, innovation, and mass appeal. Watch the launch video HERE.

  • UK and Dutch governments have pledged action and funding to fast-track water programmes deemed fit for climate funding.

UK minister, Lord Goldsmith, and Dutch infrastructure and water management minister, Mark Harbers, have announced initial funding for an initiative targeting “investment at speed and scale into climate vulnerable hotspots.” Along with the UK and Dutch governments backers of the Resilient Water Accelerator are WaterAid, Arup, African Development Bank, and the Sustainable Markets Initiative.

Speaking at the UN Water Conference, minister at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office Lord Goldsmith, said:“Years of abuse and neglect have left our fresh water polluted, diseased and exhausted. Natural systems have been degraded, leading to ever increasing droughts and floods. So the time for talking is over; we need to get a grip.

“At the UN Water conference I am challenging all involved to identify positive actions, and commit to turning words into reality.”

In addition to $300,000 from the UK, the Dutch government has backed the initiative with €200,000.

The Resilient Water Accelerator aims to boost the resilience of 50 million climate-vulnerable people living in water-stressed areas by 2030. It brings together governments, business, private finance, and civil society to support the design and feasibility of climate-resilient water security programmes. It was announced at COP 27.


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