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  • by Karma Loveday

Water2business and Anglian lead in MOSL’s new holistic performance reporting

Water2business emerged as the highest performing retailer, and Anglian Water the highest performing wholesaler, in new league tables published by MOSL scrutinising trading party performance across a suite of metrics.

At the bottom of each table were Castle Water among the retailers and Severn Trent among the wholesalers (see tables below).

Wholesalers were measured on, amongst other things, the relevant Market Performance Standards and Operating Performance Standards, as well as R-MeX and legacy long unread meters. Retailers meanwhile were measured on areas including MPS, complaints and long unread meters. The new holistic tables are a way of reviewing the performance of market participants across a range of measures in one place.

The tables accompanied MOSL’s publication of the fourth Annual Market Performance report, this time covering the 2021/22 year. This covered trading party performance on individual metrics, as well as wider market performance for the year. MOSL noted 2021/22 saw performance return to more normal levels following the Covid hiatus.

The report was published against the backdrop of ongoing Market Performance Framework Reform, through which future performance standards are being reviewed.


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