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  • by Trevor Loveday

Water researchers call for academics' and consultants' interest in asset investment project

UK Water Industry Research (UKWIR) has called for expressions of interest in an asset investment project to address the growing pressure on ageing assets. It said the project will enable water companies to “create more value through asset management decision making.”

The project will cover:

  • scenario planning to define the future scenarios water companies use to assess how asset investment will need to change over time; and

  • value framework and value measures – to develop an industry-wide value framework and common asset health measures so there is greater consistency in how investment decisions are reached.

UKWIR said it is looking to consortiums of consultancies and academics to contribute tot he project and is particularly keen to hear from parties beyond the water industry which may have expertise of innovative approaches adopted in other sectors.

UKWIR Programme Lead and Strategic Asset and Investment Manager at Anglian Water, Chris Royce, said: many water company assets have passed their design life while customer service expectations and the population are growing along with variability in weather patterns.


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