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  • by Trevor Loveday

Water industry data site for consumers updated to show less leakage but sewer floods up

The water industry data website for consumers – Discover Water – has been updated showing leakage reduced 2.6% but sewer flooding incidents increased for the year 2021/22.

The site produce by the industry, regulators and the water consumer watchdog enables the public to examine the latest water industry performance data published by water companies using data compiled from across the whole of the water industry.

This year, the site reports included:

  • overall leakage was 3,031 Ml a day, down 82 Ml on the previous year;

  • water consumption in England and Wales per capita averages, 145l a day;

  • water supplies were interrupted for an average total of 12 minutes per customer last year – up by two minutes on the previous year; and

  • sewer flooding was up – from 6,079 homes (2020-21) to 6,264 (2021-22).

The site provides more information such as where the water we use comes from, or what happens to wastewater after we flush.


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