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  • by Karma Loveday

Update the Open Water website, MOSL tells Ofwat 

MOSL has called on Ofwat to update the Open Water website ahead of expecting retailers to increase business customer awareness of the ability to switch suppliers.

That was among the points raised by the market operator in its response to Ofwat’s ‘Tranche 2’ consultation on changing the Customer Protection Code of Practice (CPCoP).

MOSL argued: “The Open Water website should be the central platform through which existing and future business customers can find out more about the market, how to switch and which retailers are operating. However, Open Water has not been materially updated since market opening. The content is out of date which may have the impact of deterring customers, rather than encouraging them to engage in the market.

“We believe the work to update the Open Water website should take priority over any plans for retailers to increase customers’ awareness as it would be sensible to direct customers to the website via a link on their bills. This would ensure consistency in communications about the market (to avoid any potential bias) and would be updated centrally.”


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