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  • by Karma Loveday

Thames unlocks £300m PR19 water supply conditional allowance

Thames Water has met the requirements to unlock a £300m conditional allowance for water supply resilience Ofwat set at PR19.

That money, together with an additional £400m from shareholders, will now be invested in improvements to reduce leaks and protect water supplies, including through the replacement of 112km of water distribution mains and seven large trunk mains across London.

In line with the terms of Ofwat’s approval, Thames agreed to three new performance commitments for the 2020-2025 period, supporting efficient and timely delivery of the schemes associated with this allowance:

  • reducing the number of leaks across London by 2030 – saving 27.8 Ml a day and reducing the number of mains repairs by 208 times a year;

  • delivering our Future London Strategy – including ambitious plans to reduce leakage by 50%; and

  • assessing pipework across the city to see if it is fit for the future.


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