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  • by Karma Loveday

Severn Trent and Wessex issue a call for sludge innovations

Severn Trent and Wessex Water have partnered to launch an open market challenge to find innovative solutions for the treatment of sludge.

The two will use Wessex’s Marketplace platform to invite interested third parties to come forward with new ideas and methods to maximise the value of sludge, while minimising environmental impacts, in view of an increase in demand for treatment capacity as a result of population growth.

The ambition is to find a partner which can both deliver an operational plant by 2030 and contribute to broader environmental targets, including both companies achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2030, and Severn Trent’s goal of generating 100% of energy from renewable sources by the same year, as outlined in its triple carbon pledge.

Current methods rely on processes such as conventional or advanced anaerobic digestion, or the addition of lime. Between them, Severn Trent and Wessex treat more than 320,000 tonnes of dry solids of sewage sludge every year.

Any interested parties are invited to join a webinar on Wednesday 29 June where they can learn more about putting forward a submission ahead of the deadline of Friday 29 July.


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