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  • by Karma Loveday

Portsmouth consults on changes to pipelines plan for new reservoir

Portsmouth Water is consulting on a new pipeline which it needs to build as part of the Havant Thicket reservoir scheme, to transport water from Bedhampton Springs to the reservoir north of Havant, as well as take water out for supply to customers.

While Portsmouth already has outline planning permission for a pipeline from the springs to the reservoir, it is consulting stakeholders until 22 March in light of two proposed developments:

  • improving the route to reduce the impact on communities and the environment and

  • the possibility of incorporating a new, additional pipeline along the route to carry recycled water from a Southern Water treatment works to the reservoir.

Improving the route

Portsmouth's chief executive, Bob Taylor, explained: “We’ve considered alternative and well-proven construction techniques, which would allow the new pipeline to be delivered more efficiently and with much less disruption for local residents. As a result, we’ve identified a new pipeline route and design that makes use of modern tunnelling techniques, which will need a new planning approval.”

Additional pipeline

These plans, brought forward by Southern Water, are not yet agreed, but Portsmouth pointed out that if they are approved it would be cheaper and less disruptive to incorporate them into its planned tunnelling scheme than building two separate pipelines.

Portsmouth will submit a new planning application to Havant Borough Council later this year.


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