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  • by Trevor Loveday

Poll shows support for new green taxes

Most people in the UK would welcome new taxes that would make environmentally damaging behaviours more expensive to producers and consumers according to a recent survey report.

The survey – by environmental think tank, Green Alliance, showed that 57% of 2,000 UK respondents saw a carbon tax on producers as a “good idea,” while 53% felt the same about a similar tax on consumers.

The survey showed similar support for changes in VAT that benefitted environmentally sound products and services (54% in favour) and additional taxes on the production of materials that were deemed harmful to the environment.

More than a quarter of respondents were “neutral” on all proposals for green taxes.

“With such clear support for green reforms to the tax system and plans for a green recovery in development, the priority now is for the Treasury to embrace this mandate for change,” said the Green Alliance.


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