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  • by Trevor Loveday

Ofwat tops Civil Service in pay parity between men and women

Ofwat has, for the third consecutive year, reported its median pay gap between men and women for 2018-19 as lower than the median for the rest of the Civil Service (CS).

The regulator’s gender pay gap (GPG) in median hourly pay was 0.1% in favour of men compared to about 11% for the rest of the CS. In 2017-18 the difference was 10% at Ofwat and 12% for the rest of the CS.

On bonuses the median payments at Ofwat were the same for males and females. Average bonus payments for women were higher than those for men.

Comparing payments across other CS regulators showed Ofwat to have the lowest average figure and the second lowest median (see graph).

Staff in Ofwat’s upper quartile pay band was 54% female and about 60% female in the lowest quartile. In the lower middle quartile numbers were equal while the upper middle quartile was about 56% male.


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