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  • by Karma Loveday

Ofwat seeks feedback on asset management maturity assessment

Ofwat has published the asset management maturity assessment it collaborated with companies to produce between November 2020 and March 2021. This looks at asset management capabilities and approaches, and the data and insight used to inform decisions.

Ofwat said the maturity assessment will “support Ofwat and companies to communicate more effectively and align our thinking in relation to asset health, asset management and their links to resilience”. This will include sharing best practice and identifying and responding to gaps and risk in maturity. Ofwat said on the latter: “This could include industry led initiatives, changes in how we work with companies during price reviews and adjustments to how long-term asset resilience is considered as part of the price review process.”

Ofwat accepted the limits of its current understanding and the need to build on them:

“Water and wastewater strategic planning frameworks give us some insight into planning for future resilience challenges. However they do not cover all aspects needed to deliver long- term resilience, such as asset health and the role of asset management planning. As a consequence we currently have limited visibility of how companies are approaching these challenges; including the long term risk to customers, the environment and society from asset failure and the extent to which companies are managing these risks effectively over the long term. This, alongside incidents such as ‘Beast from the East’, means we are keen to develop a greater understanding of how companies are approaching these asset-related aspects of resilience.”

Responses are invited by 16 April. Ofwat said it planned to publish its findings and insight in summer 2021.


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