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  • by Karma Loveday

Ofwat calls on firms to reach out to the third of customers struggling with bills

Ofwat has highlighted a wide gulf between the number of people who need help with their water bills and the number aware of and accessing the help available.

An online survey of 2,100 bill payers commissioned by the regulator as part of its #ListenCareShare campaign revealed one third of customers, and over half of those with children under 11, are struggling to pay their household bills and 41% are worried about money.

However only 15% were aware of water companies providing financial support during the pandemic, and just 3% of bill payers reported they had received any form of financial support for water during the pandemic. Moreover customers are more than three times as likely to pay bills by credit card than ask for help from their suppliers.

Interim Ofwat chief executive, David Black, said: “Customers are making difficult decisions, with some turning to credit cards to cover their bills. Water companies need to be active in seeking out and providing help to those who need it the most, especially during these unprecedented times."


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