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  • by Karma Loveday

Northumbrian Water reports carbon emissions down 90%

Northumbrian Water has reported having reduced its carbon emissions by more than 90% since 2008.

It has reported its 2021 figures at 22,000 tonnes, as having more than halved from 2020 56,000t

Northumbrian Water reported its carbon reduction efforts as including:

  • being the first and still the only water company to use 100% of its sewage sludge to create energy all of which, is injected into the gas grid as renewable gas;

  • using a ten-year deal to source some 30% of its electricity demand from the Race Bank offshore wind farm;

  • powering all 1,886 of its sites using renewable electricity, to save 77,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year; and

  • Increased investment in 2022 in solar power generation on its sites, including a new 3,600-panel array at its Lumley Water Treatment Works with a further four sites either complete or close to being commissioned.


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