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  • by Karma Loveday

MOSL to delve deeper into metering roles, responsibilities and technology

MOSL and the Metering Committee are to commission detailed research and options appraisals from independent consultants on two strategic themes to emerge from the market operator’s Strategic Metering Review.

The first theme covers the impact that current roles and responsibilities have on the market, principally in relation to owning and reading meters. Among the considerations will be the economic case for any change, the options that could be considered, customer impacts, benefits and risks, costs, blockers to change and unintended consequences.

The second theme looks at enhanced metering technology and what standards need to be agreed to accelerate the potential rollout of smarter metering technology. The plan is to prepare a metering technology strategy for the market, including funding mechanisms, technology options and migration paths.

Consultants are due to be appointed in September, with research beginning in October and findings expected by January 2022.


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