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  • by Karma Loveday

MOSL teams performance and transformation in its new strategy

MOSL’s new strategy teams robust core service and system provision, with addressing vital water security issues and continuing to advocate for market progress.

The market operator’s new three-year strategy, published last week, covers 2024-27 and contains four priorities:

• Market confidence

• Market systems

• Water security

• Market evolution

The first two fall under the broad heading ‘performance’ and are about providing trading parties with high quality and reliable core services. The second two fall under the broad heading ‘transformation’ and are about transforming and maximising opportunities from the market. However, one of MOSL’s underpinning principles for the strategy is that performance and transformation are a continuum: interrelated and needing to be carried out simultaneously.

The other guiding principle is a 'best or only’ test which is applied to evaluate whether MOSL should take on work outside of its core duties. MOSL said it will consider whether it is either the only organisation that could provide a particular service because of its unique role at the heart of the market, or it is the best placed organisation to provide the service, considering factors such as cost, skills, data and systems.

The chart shows how the four priorities sit within the wider strategy, and the work programmes under that will be carried out under each.


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