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  • by Karma Loveday

MOSL secures approval for its budget and business plan

MOSL has published its 2021-24 business plan following member approval at a meeting on 25 February, including sign off for its 2021/22 budget.

The plan covers the twin aims of delivering high quality and reliable core services, together with extensive market improvement programmes. The approved budget for year one of the plan is £11,415k covering both elements. Core service delivery costs are down due to improved efficiency, but spend on improvement programmes and total costs are up. However, MOSL is to deliver a 1.1% cut in its market operator charges from £11,200k in 2020/21 to £11,075k and will fund the difference from its reserves.

Chief executive, Sarah McMath, thanked trading parties for their engagement with the process against the backdrop of coping with Covid-19. She commented: “This year, perhaps as a consequence of the pandemic, I have seen trust in the market grow as we have worked together to address the most immediate challenges. In the delivery of our 2021-24 business plan, we will continue to address those immediate ‘pain points’ with a clear focus on the long-term strategic changes that are also required.”


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