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  • by Karma Loveday

MOSL highlights independence in new three-year strategy

Market operator MOSL has emphasised its focus on independence in its three-year purpose, vision and strategy for 2021-24 to bring on "simple and effective water markets to unlock value and choice for customers.”

MOSL described its vision as: “Using our collective expertise and independent insight to deliver the best customer outcomes.” It listed four strategic priorities for the three year period:

  • service excellence – simple and effective services that are easy to access;

  • data insight – evidence based decisions, driving value for customers;

  • market improvement – a successful market that is continually improving' and

  • organisational capability – a high performing team set up to deliver change.

It said the package keeps it true to its role of facilitating the market from a position of independence and fairness, while putting customers at the heart of decision-making. Chief executive, Sarah McMath (pictured), explained: “We then looked at what is important to us, as an organisation, and there were some key words that just kept coming up – about the need to be independent, to harness the market’s collective expertise and to provide insight that can deliver the best customer outcomes.”

The strategy work was driven by a commitment MOSL made to its members at the end of 2019 to provide greater transparency over its future plans and cost trajectory. In its 2020/21 business plan, one of the 19 commitments MOSL made to the market was to extend its planning horizon to a three-year period.

Last week, MOSL, for the first time, published a quarterly report (January to March 2020) providing an update on progress against the 2020-21 business plan. This said four of the 19 commitments for the year are complete, and most others underway. MOSL will continue to publish quarterly reports throughout the period as part of its plan to become even more transparent and open.


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