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  • by Karma Loveday

Everflow creates water efficiency certification scheme for businesses

Everflow has launched a water efficiency certification scheme for business customers, which seeks to support them to reduce water consumption, carbon and bills.

Participating businesses will receive a report showing fully costed and personalised water efficiency recommendations, including calculations of how much water each business could save as well as the associated impact on water bills and carbon emissions. Everflow pointed to potential savings of between 30% and 70%, “offering businesses crucial financial support amid an ongoing cost-of-living crisis”. 

Everflow will certify companies for responding to the reports, for instance by investing in monitoring, retrofitting water saving technology, or looking into alternative water sources and recycling. Those achieving the most savings in their industry sector will receive annual awards, with associated PR and marketing opportunities.

Everflow chief executive, Josh Gill, said: “The scheme comes at a time when many businesses and their consumers are facing financial pressures. There is also a lack of awareness among the business community around water inefficiencies, especially among the under-served SMEs of the non-household market who often lack the resources of big businesses to improve their carbon footprint and regulate their water usage effectively. Through the Business Water Efficiency scheme, we are confident that we can address these industry issues, to deliver a more efficient, fairer and greener water market.”

Waterwise, which already offers a Water Efficiency Checkmark for offices or communities, has endorsed the Everflow launch, to encourage SMEs to engage with water efficiency and conservation.


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