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  • by Karma Loveday

Consumer watchdog publishes PR24 objectives

CCW has set out six customer objectives for PR24. In priority order, these are:

• bills are affordable for everyone, and customers feel their money is well spent;

• companies understand people’s needs and expectations of water and wastewater services, and the price review makes sure they are met;

• companies deliver for their customers by improving services where it’s needed;

• companies’ services are reliable, even during extreme weather events;

• water companies take responsibility for protecting the environment, now and in the future; and

• companies have a customer first attitude and work to deliver a great customer experience.

The watchdog has also drawn on various strands of its recent research, much of which has been done in partnership with Ofwat, to pull together its high level vision for the price review: “A water sector that listens to people and delivers exceptional, sustainable services that are accessible to all.”


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