Consultancy launches global know-how sharing website for utilities

Technology consultancy, Isle, has launched a website “dedicated to collaboration and knowledge-sharing in the water sector.”

According to its creators, the website, The Water Action Platform, “pools experience and expertise from utilities around the world.” Isle said the platform started as a response to Covid19 “but is now encompassing a much wider range of topics.”

Isle said details of 95 technologies that address Covid 19-related issues will be made available on the platform “in the coming weeks.” It said “detailed research, funded by a collaboration of 23 utilities from across the world along with two development banks,” had identified the technologies which cover virus detection, removal, monitoring and contingency.

The Water Action Platform is, Isle said, “open to all.” It includes water utilities among organisations listed to which it is and “especially useful” along with governments and financial and academic institutions.

Isle chairman, Piers Clark said, “Only through targeted global collaboration and coordinated action can we assist with the response to and recovery from this unprecedented health emergency. We aim to identify ways to support utilities and minimise impacts of the Covid 19 pandemic on communities around the world where we can.