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  • by Karma Loveday

CCW proposes national and local customer representation for next price control process

CCW has advocated a three-tiered model of customer representation for PR24.

In a discussion paper, the watchdog explored five potential models and shared that its preferred model would feature:

  • local consumer panels, drawn from a representative, cross-section of consumers including bill-payers and non-bill payers;

  • local stakeholder groups – made up of specialist experts including CCW; and

  • central oversight groups (one for England and one for Wales), comprising national stakeholders such as the DWI, Environment Agency/Natural Resources Wales, Defra/Welsh government and CCW as well as market research experts. These groups would provide comparative information and analysis to local groups to provide them with greater visibility of how their company compares with the rest of the industry. The oversight groups would also challenge the development of the collaborative national research Ofwat has suggested.

CCW said: “To address some of the concerns raised about the independence and governance arrangements of CCGs at PR19 there should be a centralised funding of the COG and local stakeholder group.”


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