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  • by Karma Loveday

Business Stream claims nearly £3m of savings for the Scots public sector

Business Stream has reported saving the Scottish public sector £2.85m last year, as well as 1.4bn litres of water and 574,778 kg of carbon.

Business Stream was awarded the three-year Scottish government Public Sector Water and Waste Water Framework contract in early 2020. It said total savings accruing to the public sector in that time have reached £6.4m.

Under the three-year deal, which was extended for a year in 2022, Business Stream provides water supply, wastewater services and water efficiency services to organisations including NHS Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue, Police Scotland and the Scottish government.

The retailer also provided £50,000 of funding to six public sector initiatives through its annual Public Sector Scotland Water Efficiency Fund.

  • Business Stream has become the first water retailer to achieve Young Person's Guarantee employer status, highlighting its commitment to supporting young individuals at the start of their careers. This includes offering roles to 25 modern apprentices and providing career mentoring and work experience. The Scottish government-backed Young Person’s Guarantee initiative was designed to help stem a surge in youth unemployment post-pandemic and aims to provide every 16-24-year-old in Scotland with an opportunity through jobs, apprenticeships, further or higher education, or training.


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