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  • by Karma Loveday

Bilaterals Hub mop-up enters new phase

Ofwat has approved Phase 11 of ongoing work to migrate or retire all remaining operational processes that take place between water wholesalers and water retailers in the non-household market into the central Bilaterals Hub.

Phase 11 was approved under code change proposal CPW139e, to be implemented on 13 March.

This implements the ‘Miscellaneous Process M1’, which incorporates 12 existing processes and one new process, into the Bilateral Hub. These are exchanges that are not dealt with under other processes – for example, dealing with unannounced water sampling visits, Water Fittings Regulations enquiries, and requests relating to private meters.

CPW139e also implemented process B10 into the Hub (wholesaler requested installation or change of meter performed by the wholesaler in circumstances other than a replacement following a fault) by incorporating it under three other existing processes. And removed the operational process G4, which relates to notification by a wholesaler of trade effluent sampling, on the grounds that this is a notification and does not require a bilateral exchange.


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