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  • by Karma Loveday

Albion Water founder leaves as Wessex takes full ownership

Wessex Water has acquired full ownership of Albion Water.

Wessex announced on Friday that it had exercised its option of buying the 49% stake in Albion it did not already own, following the formation of a joint venture in 2016 with Waterlevel.

Albion chair and founder, Dr Jerry Bryan, is a director of Waterlevel, and the Wessex full acquisition will bring to an end Bryan’s involvement with Albion after two decades of forging competition and innovation in the water market.

Bryan said: “I’m immensely proud to have played a leading part in the Albion story since its beginnings as the first competitive entrant to the water market in 1999 and in building its current reputation as the most innovative player in the market. I wish Wessex Water well as it writes the next chapter in the Albion story. For my part, I will continue to strive for a more innovative and sustainable water industry. We have a long way to go.”

Charley Maher, managing director of the retail and commercial arm of Wessex Water, said: “The Albion Water team have taken on the challenge of providing developers with more sustainable solutions for new developments, including grey water recycling and nature-based flood alleviation measures. After a five year joint venture, now is the right time for Wessex Water to take greater ownership as we develop the business further and explore holistic green energy and nature-based solutions.”

Albion, which will continue to operate under its existing name, has sites in Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Essex and Kent, serves around 4,000 customers, operating as a New Appointment and Variation to provide services in areas that were previously provided by the incumbent monopoly provider. It also has numerous commercial water management partnerships, including with other Wessex companies GENeco and EnTrade.


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