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  • by Karma Loveday

WRSE sets up new groups to focus on the environment and multi-sector issues

Water Resources South East has established two new, independently chaired forums, to inform its work to create a multi-sector regional resilience plan for the South East of England.

Environment forum

this multi-sector group will focus on the environmental aspects of the plan, and seeks to achieve a level of environmental ambition that meets the expectations of customers and stakeholders, and is supported by regulators and government. The group will be chaired by Dr Richard Benwell, currently chief executive of the UK’s largest green coalition in England, Countryside and Wildlife Link, and former holder of a series of influential positions in the civil service, House of Commons, and the environmental movement. WRSE highlighted that more protection may need to be given to the environment, particularly chalk streams, to ensure that these habitats can adapt to a changing climate.

Multi-sector forum

This group seeks to ensure an integrated approach to resilience planning is taken across sectors that have their own water supplies and are not served by water companies. WRSE said: “This will enable more efficient and effective delivery of investment to protect the water needs of society, the wider economy, and a more sustainable relationship with the environment.” The group will be chaired by Alan Turner, a well-known and respected figure in the South East through his role at Kent County Council. WRSE said Turner is “ideally placed to help bring multiple interests together”.

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