Peer backs "bold and imaginative" plan for wetlands in green recovery debate

Conservative peer Lord Randall of Uxbridge called for the country to be “bold and imaginative” as he backed a call for 100,000 hectares of wetlands to be created or restored as part of a green recovery from Covid 19. He was speaking as part of a debate in the Lords on a "Motion to take note" moved by Baroness Hayman on the case “for post-Covid 19 recovery strategies that will contribute to a fairer, cleaner, and more sustainable economy”.

Lord Randall (pictured) put forward his support for the concept, which he said had been developed by the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, and which included “creating new wetland cities, like the garden cities of a few decades ago, only wetter”. He explained: “Creating new wetlands will not only create much-needed jobs but will improve carbon capture and water quality, provide flood management and—highly importantly—ensure greater public enjoyment and improved physical and mental health. Of course, it will also hugely enhance our much depleted nature. It would assist in reducing coastal erosion and help regenerate neighbourhoods and towns. These projects do not always have to be huge scale, and we can do great things in urban areas too.”