Advisor urges government to end "siloed" approach to net zero carbon plans

Government advisor, the Natural Capital Committee, has criticises the administration's “siloed” approach to tackling climate change and urged greater coordination across government and industry in planning for net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

In its report: Advice on using nature based interventions to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 the NCC said: “The government should develop a holistic strategy to reach net zero, which should include changes in energy, transport, housing, infrastructure, industry and land / sea use.”

It called on the government to establish a “joined-up” response to climate change with the warning: “the current siloed approach, with several departments and other bodies involved but with no overall coordination, will fail to deliver the intended outcome and could even contribute to further degradation of the natural environment. itIt said planning fo infrastructure would be linked to “any spatial planning for nature based interventions,” to ensure that natural capital is fully embedded in infrastructure decisions.