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  • by Karma Loveday

CCW launches new assessment of water companies’ all-round performance

CCW has launched a new metric, called its Water Mark assessment, to showcase how well water companies are delivering in the areas that matter most to customers.

Water Mark pulls together previously published information on customers’ views, complaint numbers and companies’ operational performance. Each area of performance is assessed and graded, and then companies are given a ranking to show their overall performance.

The overall rankings of the first Water Mark assessment, based on 2018/19 performance, are shown in the table.

More generally, CCW said the exercise showed the following.

• Most customers were generally satisfied with the service they received.

• Water companies need to do more to improve households’ perceptions over the fairness of their bills and likelihood to recommend their supplier.

• Customers’ confidence in the long-term security of their water supply shows room for improvement.

Water companies’ performance on complaints and the number of service disruptions that customers experience paints a mixed picture.

CCW also last week published its forward work programme for 2020-23.

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