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  • by Karma Loveday

Irish Water in contact centre contract row

Irish Water is embroiled in a legal row with the company, Abtran Unlimited, which currently provides a contact centre service for the utility’s customers on water quality and supply issues.

The row has broken out because Irish Water has decided to use another company, Capita Customer Solutions, to provide the service in a contract worth €63 million over seven years.

Abtran is claiming that Irish Water acted unlawfully in allegedly accepting an “unlawfully low” tender from the Capita subsidiary.

Abtran also alleges Irish Water wrongfully discriminated against Abtran and failed to disclose to Abtran all the relevant criteria and/or sub-criteria and/or requirements in its evaluation of the Abtran tender.

Abtran has been providing the service to Irish Water since 2013. It employs 352 staff at a dedicated call centre in Cork.

It claims the contract awarded to Capita involved no major change to the services Abtran has been providing.

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