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  • by Karma Loveday

Welsh Water leads way as sector scores high on regulators' performance table

The water sector significantly outperformed energy and marginally outperformed both landline and broadband in terms of Net Promoter Score, according to a new scorecard comparing sectors from the UK Regulators Network. The only sector that performed higher than water was mobile telecoms, and by some way.

The average NPS scores were: water 17; energy -6; landline 16; broadband 12; and mobile 30. Based on global NPS standards, any score above 0 is considered ‘good’, and a score of 50 and above is considered ‘excellent’.

Eighteen out of 21 water companies (86%) received a positive NPS score. The lowest scorer was South West Water with -10, and the highest was Welsh Water with 44.

NPS was one factor among others including satisfaction, service quality, value for money and complaints scrutinised by UKRN, to provide insight into how effectively companies in water, energy, telecoms and essential financial services are delivering for their consumers.

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