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  • by Karma Loveday

Purpose remains paramount despite Tory majority, says Sustainability First

Charitable think tank Sustainability First has called on water and energy companies not to revert to business as usual despite having “dodged a bullet” at December’s general election when the imminent threat of re-nationalisation was removed.

Launching a report last week – Delivering on fairness and the environment: an agenda for responsible business in UK regulated utilities – Sustainability First argued: “We consider that the need for a strong focus on purpose and a ‘Sustainable Licence to Operate’ remains – regardless of the politics.”

The think tank argued the fundamental drivers for change – environmental, technological and social – are still present; that to play a full part in the ‘infrastructure revolution,’ utilities need to be trusted; and that investor interest in Environmental, Social and Governance (‘ESG’) factors is increasing.

The report provides a mid way point summary of Sustainability First’s Fair for the Future project which is working with utilities and their stakeholders on how to better address the politics of fairness and the environment in water and energy

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