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  • by Trevor Loveday

Performance scores rise but firms must trust and collaborate more with suppliers

UK water and sewerage companies need to show their suppliers more trust and strengthen collaboration with them to up their chances of achieving their AMP7 targets according to supply-chain association, British Water.

Unveiling the results of the association’s latest annual survey of UK water and sewerage companies – which showed improvements in all categories – British Water’ UK director Paul Mullord (pictured) said: “If there is a lesson, it’s that companies need to work with their supply chain better, be honest with them and trust their expertise. This year’s results could be an indicator that we are starting to see a shift.”

He added: “We’re keen to see a business cultural change towards more inclusion and collaboration.”

Mullord said water companies were missing opportunities to innovate by focusing too heavily on price in their procurement decisions – procurement was the lowest scoring category in the survey. “A bigger focus on outcome, would benefit everyone,” he said.

The water firms were judged on 48 aspects of their interaction with suppliers under ten categories.

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