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  • by Karma Loveday

Anglian Water commissions a digital twin for Newmarket Shop Window


Black & Veatch and Emagin are to create a digital twin of Anglian Water's Newmarket sites, home of the water company's innovation Shop Window.

Black & Veatch and Emagin will create a digital representation of the area’s water treatment and distribution infrastructure, embedding artificial intelligence to provide predictive capabilities and intuitive decision support and intervention.

The twin will support Anglian’s seven goals for Newmarket:

  • zero leakage and bursts;

  • 100% customer satisfaction;

  • water consumption of 80 litres per person per day;

  • zero pollution and flooding;

  • 100% compliant and chemical-free drinking water;

  • carbon neutrality; and

  • building a circular economy that eliminates the concept of waste from its processes.

According to Black & Veatch, the twin will be able to optimise the performance of existing assets and increase the efficiency in their operation and maintenance..

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