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  • by Karma Loveday

Ofwat seeks chapter and verse on work by companies to support markets

Ofwat’s senior director of markets and enforcement, Emma Kelso, has written to wholesale water company chief executives asking for chapter and verse on what they are doing to support the development of effective markets.

Kelso (pictured) has asked detailed questions on the business retail market. Areas of interest to Ofwat include: what companies have done to understand the experiences of end customers; how companies contribute to the Panel and the market change process; subjection to MOSL’s Initial Performance Rectification Plans and monitoring of Operational Performance Standards; work on data quality improvement work; and work on retailer interaction including on bilaterals, policy, charging, credit and payment terms and dispute resolution.

There are two further obligatory sections: one on how the company’s board engages with its work to support the development of markets; and another requesting commentary and supporting evidence on work to support the market for new connections and developer services.

There is a final, optional question on what companies are doing to effectively support the development of new markets, such as bio resources.

The request follows up on Ofwat chief executive, Rachel Fletcher’s, May letter on supporting market development. Companies have until 31 October to respond. The regulator is also seeking answers from retailers, self suppliers and other industry stakeholders.

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