Infrastructure coalition looks for ways to achieve net zero emissions ambition

August 4, 2019

An infrastructure industry coalition led by consultancy, Mott MacDonald, has begun work on proposals for how the UK government’s ambition to achieve net-zero greenhouse emissions by 2050 can be achieved.


In its recently published mission statement the coalition said: Infrastructure development is one of the main factors limiting the rate of decarbonisation achievable,” and warned that, given the long timescales for infrastructure building and upgrading existing infrastructure, “net-zero by 2050 requires urgent action within the next few years. The longer action is delayed, the more expensive and difficult net-zero will become.”


The coalition includes Anglian Water, Skanska, Transport for London, UKCRIC and the UK Green Building Council.


The institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) has included among it recommendations for the awaited National Infrastructure Strategy, a call on the government to support the principles of alliance-based infrastructure delivery model, Project 13. The ICE said the model  will lead to “the more efficient delivery of projects and programmes across the piece.”


See the July- August I issue of THE WATER REPORT for interviews with leading advocates of the Project 13 approach, Mott MacDonald. MWH Treatment and Stantec. 

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