Northumbrian pays out more than £1m to green groups to atone for pollution

June 29, 2019

Northumbrian Water is to pay fines totalling almost £1.18m after the Environment Agency found it had committed several environmental offences.


The company accepted responsibility for environmental offences in the North East and has agreed five Enforcement Undertakings (EU) – an alternative to prosecution when the impact is localised and unintentional. The agency expects the money to go to several environmental projects in the region


The Environment Agency's environment planning and engagement manager in the North East, Fiona Morris, said the agency viewed Enforcement Undertakings as more balanced than fines for Northumbrian’s environmental offences because it was “beneficial to the environment relevant to where the offence took place.”  She added: “It will also help to change the behaviour of the company and focus on their activities.”

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