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  • by Trevor Loveday

Tie up will enable water firms to achieve leakage targets says Black & Veatch


Consultancy, Black and Veatch, has launched a partnership with water pressure management company Inflowmatix, which Black and Veatch claimed, will enable UK water companies to achieve their average 15% target for reductions in leakage by 2025.

Black and Veatch said the tie up was its latest move in a drive to help the water industry to predict the performance and resilience of its assets. It said it was aiming to provide “leading-edge, digitally-enabled network management” through technologies providing “real-time decision making, artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

“We are helping water companies better understand the risks and potential benefits of trialling and deploying new, innovative technologies,” said Black and Veatch Europe asset management director, Mark Kaney. “We partner with companies, like Inflowmatix, who offer the most promising technologies; and help them achieve utility scale and interoperability.”

The first fruits of its collaboration with Inflowmatix is a service, dubbed Serene, which Black and Veatch said will provide “network insights through a district metered area (DMA) Health Index assessment.” This, according to Inflowmatix’s chief executive, Dr. Mike Williams, provides water companies with a “foundation for a data- and insight-driven strategy” to best target investment in leakage reduction.

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