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  • by Karma Loveday

Anglian staff crown Peter Simpson UK’s best chief for second time

Anglian Water’s chief executive Peter Simpson has once again been named the UK’s top chief executive officer in Glassdoor’s annual Employee Choice ranking.

Simpson secured a 99% approval rating from Anglian staff, topping the 2019 list two years after he was first awarded the top CEO title. Staff voluntarily and anonymously provide comment on the CEO’s leadership, together with insight into their work environment and wider experience as an employee for the Glassdoor ranking.

Simpson said: "This is the best team I've ever had the honour of working with. I'm very grateful that I have a role where I can work with and develop people and teams in the pursuit of doing something meaningful, and where I can see the impact of what we're doing.”

Severn Trent’s Liv Garfield was the only other water company chief to make the Glassdoor top 50. She was the highest rated female chhief, coming in 40th overall with a 91% approval rating from Severn Trent staff.

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