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  • by Karma Loveday

Sector gearing up for National Refill Day

The water industry and its Refill partners are expected to announce tens of thousands of venues, including major transport hubs, have joined the water refill movement on National Refill Day on 19 June.

National Refill Day is a public awareness campaign to help prevent millions of single-use plastic bottles from polluting streets and oceans by encouraging people to carry a reusable water bottle and refill on the go.

As part of a series of events in towns and cities across the country, five of the UK’s busiest Network Rail stations (Manchester, Birmingham, London Waterloo, London Paddington and London Victoria) will unveil new water fountains. High street chains Pret, Greggs and Planet Organic will also be announced to have joined the likes of Wetherspoons, Morrisons, Costa and Starbucks in supporting the initiative.

Elsewhere the campaign will feature celebrities and politicians pledging to ditch single use plastic bottles for good; a consumer survey on plastic pollution; and social media support.

Water UK joined forces with City to Sea, the plastic pollution campaigning organisation, in January last year to grow the campaign from a local grassroots scheme to a national movement.

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