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  • by Karma Loveday

Satisfaction has fallen since businesses have been able to switch retailer

Business customer satisfaction with water has deteriorated since the English market opened, according to new research from the Consumer Council for Water. It also trailed satisfaction found among business in Wales, where most do not have a choice of supplier.

The watchdog reported satisfaction with water services in England has dropped to 87% compared to 93% in Wales – a gap that has widened since 2016. Moreover, it found only 70% of businesses were content with their retail services. CC Water added that fewer businesses in England also trust their water company (27%) or believe that it cares (51%), compared to when the same study was carried out in 2016.

There were more encouraging findings to report on the switching process itself, where 90% of switchers were satisfied, according to the Testing the waters report. However, only two in five small businesses were aware they could change retailer. And among businesses aware of the market, only one in five had engaged with it.

Head of policy and research Mike Keil (pictured), called on all parties to work together to make improvements for customers: “For the market to be a long-term success, retailers and wholesalers need to work together to get to grips with the difficulties that have hampered the first two years of co

mpetition,” he said.

CCWater will be publishing a report in the summer highlighting the best and worst performing retailers for complaints to help businesses make a more informed choice.

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