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  • by Karma Loveday

MOSL puts 17 trading parties on report for poor performance

MOSL reported in the April edition of its Market Focus newsletter that 30 Initial Performance Rectification Plans (IPRPs) had been issued to 17 trading parties for poor performance.

IPRPs are triggered when a trading party’s performance causes concerns over a period of three months or more, as measured against their peers and the Market Performance Standards (MPS). The plans seek to inform MOSL of the root cause of underperformance and its impact on the market, and to ensure the trading party concerned takes action to improve. MOSL monitors progress for six months and if significant improvements are not made, can escalate the issue to the Market Performance Committee (MPC) and/or Panel.

MOSL said the 30 IPRPs, issued by the end of March, related specifically to:

• Cyclic meter read submission (MPS 15) - 4 plans

• Late transfer start read (MPS 17) - 3 plans

• Submitting core customer data (MPS 2) - 4 plans

• Cyclic non-market read submission (MPS 12) - 2 plans

• Late transfer read submission (MPS 16) - 5 plans

• Submitting partial registration (MPS 1) - 1 plan

• Initial and final read submission (MPS 7, 8, 9) - 6 plans

New connection notifications (MPS 3, 4) - 5 plans

The market operator added: “We have seen the performance levels of those trading parties that are on IPRPs rise over the past few months, with the plans issued in February showing an immediate, and marked, improvement. We are confident that the Initial Performance Rectification Plans are driving performance within the market. We will continue to work with trading parties over the coming months to ensure they continue to drive the right set of behaviours and improve individual performance.”

Elsewhere in Market Focus, MOSL said it planned to issue its Annual Market Performance Report by the end of this month and the next iteration of its Market Performance Operating Plan in early May.

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